For Laboratory And Process Applications
Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (USA)  
    Accessories for Brookfield Visometers & Rheometers  
Small Sample Adapter For small sample volumes Sample volume 2mL-16mL
UL Adaptor For low viscosity materials Up to 1 cP with LV series
Spiral Adaptor For heavy paste like non-flowing materials Solder pastes, Cosmetics, food products
DIN adaptor For limited sample volumes Sample volume 16ml-20ml
Helipath Stand For thick non-flowing
Gels, pastes, creams, gelatin
Thermosel with
Temperature controller 
For elevated temperature
Up to 300°C
Thermosel with
Temperature controller
For elevated temperature
Up to 300°C
Temperature controller    
UL Adapter
Helipath Stand
TC-102D -20°C to 150 Digital, Tap water cooling
TC-102P -20°C to 200°C Programmable, Tap water cooling
TC-112P -20°C to 200°C Programmable
TC-202D -20°C to 150°C Digital, Tap water cooling
TC-202P -20°C to 150°C Programmable, Tap water cooling
TC-502D -20°C to 150°C Digital, Refrigerated
TC-502P -20°C to 200°C Programmable, Refrigerated
TC-602D -20°C to 150°C Digital, Refrigerated
TC-602P -20°C to 200°C Programmable, Refrigerated
TC-351 Cooler -20°C  
   Brookfield Viscosity Standards  
General Purpose Available in: 5; 10; 50;100;500; 1,000; 5,000;12,500;30,000; 60,000; 1,00,000 cP 25°C
High Temp Silicone Fluids
Special Order Silicone Fluids
    Oil Viscosity Standards  
CAP Viscometer Oil Fluids* Low Temperature (L) Temperature: 25°C
CAP Viscometer Oil Fluids* High Temperature (H) Temperature: 60°C
KU-2+ Viscometer Oil Fluids   Temperature: 25°C
R/S Rheometer Oil Fluids   Temperature: 25°C
General purpose Oil Fluids   Temperature: 25°C
* Each CAP fluid is to be used with its own CAP spindle. E.g.CAP1L fluid is for use with CAP 01 spindle on a low temperature CAP viscometer.
    Miscellaneous Accessories  
Laboratory Stand For Dial, DV-E, DV-I+, DV-II+ Models only
Guard Leg  
Quik Connect Coupling SP-7Y