Needles Point Styles

Several different needle point styles are offered on Hamilton syringe and needle products depending upon the application.
Syringes and needles manufactured by Hamilton Company are intended for scientific research and laboratory use only
and are not intended for human invivouse.


Manual Split/Splitless Injection Syringes

Manual Injection of Liquid Samples – 700 Series MICROLITER Syringes (10uL – 500uL)

Removable Needle (RN) Syringes


Zero Dead Volume Syringes – 7000 Series MODIFIED MICROLITER Syringes (0.5uL – 5.0uL)

Knurled Hub (KH) Syringes

Standard Injection Spacer (25mm)

Manual On-Column Injection Syringes

Syringes for Manual On-Column Injection For Capillary Columns

Adapter for Repeated Manual Injection

Reproducibility (CHANEY) Adapter

Manual Injection of Gas and Liquid Samples – 1700 Series & 1000 Series

GASTIGHT Syringes (10uL – 10,000uL)

1800 Series GASTIGHT Syringes with Reinforced Plungers (10uL – 250uL)

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