HPLC Syringes for Rheodyne, Valco, Beckman Coulter, Altex and SSI Injection Valves

MICROLITER Syringes for Volatile Organic Samples – 700 Series MICROLITER Syringes (5uL – 500uL)


Zero Dead Volume Syringes – 7000

Series MODIFIED MICROLITER Syringes (0.5uL – 5.0uL)

GASTIGHT Syringes for Aqueous Samples

1700 Series & 1000 Series GASTIGHT Syringes (10uL – 10,000uL)

Cemented Needle (N) Syringes

Removable Needle (RN) Syringes

Valco VISF-1 Injection Valve Syringes

Thin Layer Chromatography Syringes

Thin Layer Chromatography Syringes – 1700 Series GASTIGHT Syringes (10uL – 100uL)

600 Series MICROLITER™ Syringes 2.5 µL – 5 µL

• For use with liquids
• Reinforced plungers

HPLC Autosampler Syringes

CTC PAL HTC-xt, HTS-xt and HTX-xt Autosampler Syringes

C-Line Fixed Needle (N) Syringes

X-type Syringes for Sensitive Chromatography Application

Fixed Needle (N) Syringes

Agilent 1290 Infinity LC Injector HTC/HTS Syringes

Fixed Needle (N) Syringes

Spark Holland Autosampler Syringes

The Hamilton Spark Holland syringe line works with the following manufacturers’ autosamplers:

Thermo Scientific Autosampler Syringes 

AS 100 / 300, AS 1000 / 3000 / 3500 Syringes

SP 8780 / 8875 / 8880

Waters Autosampler Syringes

Waters 2777 Sample Manager Syringes

Waters 2702 Autosampler Syringes

Perkin Elmer Autosampler Syringes

Series 225, Flexar FX-10/FX-15 Syringes

Series 200 Syringes

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