pH Buffer Solutions  Conductive Standards

Duracal pH Buffers


  • Convenient 250 mL or 500 mL bottle with built-in calibration compartment.
  • Economical, only about 20 mL of buffer is used per calibration.
  • Certified pH value from a DKD laboratory accredited for pH measurement.
  • First class certificate with traceability to international standards.
  • Immune to micro-organisms.
  • Expiration date on the bottle.

Conductivity Standards

Duracal pH Buffers Group

pH Buffer Solutions

Mixed pH Buffer Solutions

Redox / ORP Buffer

Step 1: Open bottle

Step 2: Fill calibration compartment

Step 3: Calibrate electrode

Conductivity Standards

Unique Advantages:

• Stable for at least 1 year (1.3 µS/cm) up to 3 years.
• Certified standards with NIST traceable calibration from DFM.
• Expiration date on every bottle
• Bottles can remain open for up to 60 minutes and retain the
certified value

Step 4: Empty calibration compartment

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