Membrane Stack Disc Filters Optimized for Scale-Up

For initial filterability and compatibility studies

Supor ® PES Membrane Disc Filters

High flow rate membrane optimized for biological, pharmaceutical and sterilizing filtration requirements

Versapor ® Acrylic Copolymer Membrane Disc Filters

Ideal for prefiltration of diffcult-to-filter solutions and serum

Polypropylene/Polyethylene Separator Disc Filters, 10µm

Virtually Inert to chemical and biological agents

Metricel ® Polypropylene Membrane Filters

Ultipor ® or Nylon 6, 6 Membrane Disc Filters

Pure Nylon specifically for requirements of acidic dry deposition (acid rain) measurements

GN-6 Metricel ® (MCE) Membrane Disc Filters, Sterile (S-Packs)

GN-6 Metricel ® (MCE) Membrane Disc Filters (Non-Sterile Packages)

Metricel ® Black PES Membrane Disc Filters

GN Metircel ® MCE Membrane Disc Filters

Absorbent Pad Kit

One-handed dispensing of cellulose absorbent pads

47mm Magnetic Filter Funnels

Unique magnetic seal allows easy, one-handed vacuum filtration of liquids

Filter Funnels Manifold, Stainless Steel

Vacuum / Pressure Pumps

Spare Parts and Accessories

Sentino™ Microbiology System

Sentino ® Magnetic Filter Funnels

Designed for Use with the Sentino Microbiology Pump

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