Mobile Phase SolVac™ Filter Holder
A4020 SolVac with 61cm (2ft.) feedline tubing,sinker, vacuum port adapter, 2 membrane seal gaskets and 2 seal gaskets 1/pkg
4022 122cm (4ft.) replacement feedline tubing 1/pkg
4023 Replacement seal gaskets 10/pkg
4025 Membrane seal gasket kit 10/pkg
    13mm Plastic Swinney Filter Holder  
4317 Acetal copolymer housing & support screen with PTFE seal washer 5/pkg
     25mm Easy Pressure Filter Holder  
4320 Acetal resin body with 316 SS support screen 6/pkg
    47mm Magnetic Filter Funnels  
4247 150 ml capacity 1/pkg
4242 300 ml capacity 1/pkg
4241 300 ml capacity, with lid 1/pkg
4238 500 ml capacity 1/pkg
    47mm Glass Filter Funnels  
4013 47 mm Glass Filtration Assembly with 300 ml funnel, fritted Glass Support Base,1 liter flask & SS clamp 1/pkg
4012 47 mm Glass Filtration Assembly with
1 liter funnel & 4 liter flas
4014 Upper Glass Funnel, 300ml 1/pkg
4015 Upper Glass Funnel, 1 liter 1/pkg
4017 Fritted Glass Support Base 1/pkg
4016 1 liter Vacuum Flask 1/pkg
4018 4 liter Vacuum Flask 1/pkg
GF01/4 500 ml Vacuum Flask 1/pkg
47mm Glass